• Environmental Measures

Quality and Environmental Measures

Quality Policy

Through product sales, we supply quality products in a timely manner to meet the needs of our customers. Products are designed with safety and the environment in mind so as to fulfill our social responsibility obligations.

  • We set and revise quality targets to meet the conditions of our quality policy.
  • We accurately ascertain our customers' needs and work to improve satisfaction.
  • We carry out continuous improvement of our quality management system.

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Issued: December 2005
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Environmental Policy

We are aware that the design and sale of electronic components and machine parts has an impact on the global environment, and we endeavor to protect the environment and make continuous improvements.

  1. Environmental measures are incorporated into our management system and carried out company-wide.
  2. In our activities, products, and services, we strive to reduce the impact on the environment, make improvements, and prevent pollution.
  3. At the same time, we clarify how environment-related laws, regulations, and social requirements apply in these areas, and conform to them.
  4. We strive to protect the environment and prevent pollution in our business activities, particularly in the categories listed below. In these efforts we utilize available, effective environmental technologies.

  1. We engage in environmentally friendly product development.
  2. We promote energy conservation and resource recycling.
  3. We thoroughly implement recycling and reuse to reduce waste.

Ichiro Sasaki
Chairman & CEO
Hirosugi-Keiki Co., Ltd.

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Issued: December 2005
The head office acquisition


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