Low Pb brass spacer for D-sub connector / DSE-0000BN

Material:Lead-free free-cut brass rod(Bismuth-based)
Treatment:Nickel plating(Ni)
RoHS compliant product
Screw diameter
L Product code l1 l1 Unit Price($)

6.15 DSE-6061BN 4.0 6.0 0.29
6.2 DSE-6062BN 4.0 6.0 0.29
Lead-free and cadmium-free eco spacers are made of new alloy by
San-Etsu Metals Co., Ltd. and are EU RoHS compliant.
Note: Recycling in Japan
Conventional free-cut brass (C3604BD) includes lead with 3.7 wt%
or less and demonstrates good free-cut performance. These products
include bismuth in place of lead, enhancing free-cut performance.
Do not mix with other brass alloy products when recycling.