Terminals( Adjustments holder) / HOC

【Pin】 Material:Phosphor bronze(C5191)
  Treatment:Gold plating(Nickel substrate)
【Stand】 Material:PBT(Contains 30% glass fiber)
  Thermal deformation temperature1.82Mpa:200℃(Solder resistance)
  UL standard:UL94V-0(Material)
  RoHS compliant product
Drawing Board hole≥0.8
Color Product code Unit Price($)
White HOC-2613W   0.12
Red HOC-2613R   0.12
Yellow HOC-2613Y   0.12
Black HOC-2613B   0.12
Blue HOC-2613BU 0.12
Brown HOC-2613BR 0.12
Purple HOC-2613P   0.12
Orange HOC-2613D   0.12
Green HOC-2613G   0.12
Lime HOC-2613L   0.12
● Terminal for mounting adjustment components such as resistors or capacitors.
● Instead of placing adjustment component on recessed grooves, a specially designed hole shape ensures the component is held stably and does not fall out easily even before soldering.
● Pins can be mounted on board at desired pitch; there are 10 colors to choose from. (Product code HOC)
●Improved workability since 2 pins are integrated into the stand. (Product codes HOV/HOS)
● Choose from 6 pitch measurements and 6 colors. (Product codes HOV/HOS)
● Work can be performed with clear visibility of the soldering iron tip since pins remain slanted during soldering. Solder runoff does not occur easily due to hole shape and pin slant. (Product code HOS)
● Possible to confi rm using the notch on the pin, even if C-shaped hole is hidden by solder when remove the mounted adjustment components.