Terminals / HP-004360

Treatment:Gold plating(Nickel substrate)・Tin plating
Rated current:15A
RoHS compliant product
Drawing t=1.0
Screw diameter Plating Included screw Product code Unit Price($)
M4 Gold - HP-04436G   0.26
Tin HP-04436     0.13
Gold BS bind M4×4 gold HP-04436GS 0.40
Tin BS bind M4×4 tin HP-04436S   0.27
●Electric power source terminal for inserting in board and mounting with solder.
●9 types that can be mounted from top or side.
●2 types of surface treatment: gold plating and tin plating.
●4 mounting screw sizes: M2, M2.6, M3, M4.
●Gold or tin plated mounting screws are included,"S" at end of product code.
●Wiring can be performed easily using Hirosugi lug terminals.