Nylon nut insert( Aluminum nut) / NNI

【Main body】 Material:Nylon66
Color:Milky white
Thermal deformation temperature:1.82Mpa:75℃
UL standard:UL94V-2(Material)
【Thread part】 Material:Aluminum(A2011 equivalent)
Drawing Note:Mounting hole diameter intersection:+0.15,-0
Screw diameter Flange thickness
Mounting hole diameter
Mounting board thickness
L Product code Unit Price($)
M2.5 0.75 6.4 0.8-1.2 8 NNI-2545 0.20
M3 0.75 8 1.3-2.0 9.6 NNI-3050 0.21
M4 0.75 10.3 2.1-2.4 12.7 NNI-4070 0.22
M5 0.75 10.3 2.1-2.4 12.7 NNI-5080 0.23
M6 0.75 12.7 2.5-3.2 15.9 NNI-6010 0.28
M8 0.75 14.3 3.3-4.0 19 NNI-8125 0.32
Applications NNI Nylon nut insert (insert with integrated nut)

Nylon nut inserts can only be fi xed with tightening from one side.
(Labor is reduced during work processes since there is no need to lock the nut from the inside.)

  1. ① Insert product in mounting hole in housing and tighten screw on board or chassis.
    The aluminum nut is pulled upward as the screw is tightened and the body is secured by
    being forced to expand outward.
    ② With 0.75 mm thick flange that allows extremely close mounting.
    (Can also be used for fi xing plates, etc. to the outer surface of housing.)
    ③ Multi-stacking spacing can also be made possible by mounting a round spacer with the
    desired dimensions on the nut side.