Spacer for round LEDs(45°tilt) / LDZ-T

Thermal deformation temperature:1.82Mpa:200℃
UL standard:UL94V-0(Material)
RoHS compliant product
Use example
■LDZ-100T (single)
  Product code Unit Price($)
  LDZ-100T 0.12
■LDZ-900T (Coupled)
No. of couplings Product code Unit Price($)
2 LDZ-902T 0.18
3 LDZ-903T 0.23
4 LDZ-904T 0.29
5 LDZ-905T 0.34
6 LDZ-906T 0.40
7 LDZ-907T 0.46
8 LDZ-908T 0.51
9 LDZ-909T 0.57
10 LDZ-910T 0.57
45°mounting LED spacer
● Available as 100T for single piece and 900T for 2-10 piece couplings.
● Pitch of 5.08 mm for coupled type so LEDs can be coupled without ineffi cient use of space.
● Can be cut easily to desired number (cutting tools unnecessary).
● For LED head diameter of 3φ or 5φ.
● Undercut provided for resin fi lling at LED leg base, alleviating concerns about looseness during mounting.