Button battery holder / CDH-500

【Specifications】 Rated current:1A
Contact resistance:20mΩ以上(DC 100mA)
Insulation resistance:1000MΩ以上
Use temperature range:-55℃-+105℃
【Resin Part】 Material:PPS(GF40%)
Flammability:UL94V-0 (material)
【Contacts】 Material:Phosphor bronze
Treatment:Gold plating
RoHS compliant product
Surface mount type
Applicable batteries Product code Unit Price($)
CR2032 CDH-501 1.11
CDH ●Button battery holder

Battery holder for mounting button batteries on a PC board

  • ●Once the battery is mounted it will be safely secured and not fall out easily, preventing risk of contact failure.
  • ●When removing the battery, simply press the tab lightly in the middle with the fi ngertip or a pen tip.
  • ●Available in through-hole pin and surface mount types.