Titanium spacer (Hollow tube) / CTI

Titanium has a lighter density of about 60% that of stainless steel and exhibits excellent chemical resistance, in particular seawater resistance.
Since titanium is non-magnetic, it can be used in electronic devices, semiconductor manufacturing devices, and healthcare equipment where nonmagnetic characteristics are required.

Material:Pure titanium
RoHS compliant product
Titanium spacerDrawing  
Screw diameter L Product code Unit Price($)
M3 5 CTI-305 1.46
8 CTI-308 1.84
10 CTI-310 1.96
12 CTI-312 2.29
15 CTI-315 2.51
20 CTI-320 2.84
Note:Titanium spacers are made of lightweight, non-magnetic pure titanium that has superior corrosion resistance.
"" is imprinted on spacer body.
Marking (claw-shaped mark)