Insert nut, screw-in type Insertion jig Specially for type with slot / IR-00S
         Specially for type with slot For changing tip metal part /IR-00R

MOQ: 1pcs  
Screw diameter Product Code Unit Price($)
For M2.6 IR-26S 21.11
For M3 IR-03S 21.11
For M4 IR-04S 21.11
For M5 IR-05S 21.33
For M6 IR-06S 21.33
For M8 IR-08S 21.33
MOQ: 1pcs
■IR-00R 【Metal tip replacement parts】
Screw diameter Product Code Unit Price($)
For M2.6 IR-26R 10.78
For M3 IR-03R 10.78
For M4 IR-04R 10.78
For M5 IR-05R 10.78
For M6 IR-06R 10.78
For M8 IR-08R 10.78

Note: Use only with slotted products.

Applicable product codes:
Use method

Insert special jig for slot type into slot of slotted product and screw in. (Use same way as typical
flat-blade screwdriver.)
Note: Typical flathead screwdriver head width is different and will not fit.

Note: Metal tip part is flat-blade with hexagonal hollow set screw. Can be replaced when required by wear.
Metal tip replacement part product codes: IR-00R (see table above)

Note:There are two kinds of inside diameters of a resin handle. [1] for M2.6, M3, M4 [2] for M5, M6, M8
Tip metal part can be changed for each.