Spacer Type and features

Product name Material type Material name Material code Treatment method Color Type Applications
Brass spacer Non-ferrous metal Free-cut brass C3604BD Cadmium-free ・ Nickel plating
・ Gold plating
・ Silver plating
・ Degreasing
Standard type
Special type
Mostly used for PC board mounting Cadmium content of less than 75 ppm
Duracon spacer Resin Polyacetal POM ・Milky white
・ Black
Standard type
Special type
Used as lightweight, insulated parts for PC board mounting
Stainless steel spacer Metal Stainless steel 303
Stainless steel 304
Stainless steel 316
・ Degreasing Standard type 303: For high-strength, chemical resistance
304: For corrosion-resistant parts
316: Used in medical applications
Steel spacer Metal Free-cut steel
Steel plate
・ Trivalent chrome chromate Special type
Eco type
For power distribution panels and applications requiring high strength
Trivalent chrome treatment (eco)
PPS spacer Resin Polyphenylene sulfide PPS ・ Brown
・ Black
Standard type
Special type
For heat resistant, high-strength, lightweight PC boards
PBT spacer Resin Polybutylene terephthalate PBT ・ Gray-white
・ Black
Standard type
Special type
For PC board mounting For withstand voltage parts, lightweight parts
Eco spacer Non-ferrous metal Lead-free/ Cadmium-free free-cut brass Bismuth-based ・ Nickel plating Standard type lead-free, cadmium-free
Aluminum spacer Non-ferrous metal Lead-free free-cut aluminum CB156
・ Pickling
・ Kanigen plating
・ Black alumite
Standard type Lightweight for PC board mounting Lead-free (EU RoHS compliant)
Phenol resin spacer Resin Phenol resin (Phenol resin) ・ Brown
・ Black
Standard type For PC board mounting and applications requiring heat resistant insulation
Nylon spacer Resin 66 nylon PA66 ・ Semi-
Standard type
Special type
One-touch spacer for PC boards
PEEK spacer Resin Polyether ether ketone PEEK ・Light brown Standard type For parts for semiconductor devices
Reny spacer Resin Reny RENY ・ Black Standard type High-strength, heat resistant, for PC boards
LED mounting spacer Resin Polybutylene terephthalate
Polyester elastomer
Phenol resin
66 nylon
(Phenol resin)
・ Black
・ Black
・ Black
・ Black
・ Black
・Black, semi-
・ Black
For LED mounting
D-Sub mounting spacer Non-ferrous metal
Free-cut brass
Stainless steel 303
C3604BD Cadmium-free
・ Nickel plating
・ Degreasing
For D-Sub connector mounting
PTFE spacer Resin Fluororesin PTFE ・ White opaque
For locations requiring electrical characteristics For locations requiring chemical resistance
Ceramic spacer Porcelain Alumina 96
Alumina 75
Al2O3 ・ White
・ Black
For heat resistant, non-magnetic, chemical resistant applications
Titanium spacer Non-ferrous metal Pure titanium TB340C ・ Degreasing Non-magnetic, lightweight, heat resistant, and high-strength for healthcare, electrical power, and marine devices