Fiber material properties

Uses HB-77 made by The Kitakoshi Toyo Fibre Co., Ltd.
Item Test method Unit Fiber
Tensile strength JIS C2315 MPa Vertical:80-140
Spreading rate (during breaking) JIS C2111 Vertical:5-20
Compression strength JIS K6911 MPa 160-260
Bending strength JIS K6911 MPa Vertical:140-200
Side: 90-130 
Impact strength JIS K6911 J/m Vertical:340-450
Modulus of elasticity JIS K6911 N/mm2 3,000-5,000
Insulation resistance JIS K6911 3×103-1×104
Dielectric breakdown strength JIS K6911 kV/mm 6-20
Specific volume resistance JIS K6911 MΩ・cm 2×103-8×103
Surface resistance JIS K6911 3×102-6×102
Permittivity(1KHz) JIS K6911 - 4-7
Power factor(60Hz) - - 0.03-0.08
Density JIS 2315 /cm3 1.0-1.5
Specific heat - KJ(k・k) 1.67
Linear expansion coefficient - (×10-5)K-1 2.5-2.8
Thermal conductivity - W/(m・K) 0.24-0.30
Thermal shrinkage Normal state
(23℃・50%RH)→105℃, 5 hrs.
JIS C2315 Vertical:0.5-1.2
Rapid increase rate in moisture absorption Normal state
→40℃, 90% RH-72 hrs.
- Vertical:0.3-1.0
Water absorption rate(In 23°C pure water) ASTM D619 2h:15-70
Water content JIS C2315 5-8
Ash content JIS C2315 N<1,R<4
Chlorine content JIS C2315 <0.02
Sulfuric acid content ASTM D619 <0.02
Silicon content ASTM D619 <0.2
Heat resistance category Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act - A type
Heat resistance(40,000 hrs.) Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act 105
Heat resistance(2Time) JIS K6911 190
Flame retardance(≥0.8 mm) UL94 - HB
Note: The numeric values above are typical values. They are not standard values.