Lead-free BZ5 material properties

Chemical components(wt%)
Product code
Material code
(San-Etsu Metals)
Cu Bi Fe Sn Pb Cd Zn
BZ5A 59.0-60.0 2.0-2.4 ≦0.35 0.2-0.3 ≦0.01 ≦0.001 Remaining

BZ5A can be made as hexagonal material so material has been standardized to BZ5A with good machinability.

Mechanical properties
  Manufacturing process Tensile strength
0.2% yield strength
BZ5A(1/2H)φ8 Hard drawn 480 310 25 150
Mechanical properties
BZ5 ・Melting point :890℃
・Density :8.41/cm3(at20℃)
・Linear expansion coeffi cient :19.6×10-6(20℃-300℃)
・Vertical modulus of elasticity :101kN/mm2
・Conductivity :24%(IACS)(at20℃)

BZ5 characteristics (made by San-Etsu Metals Co., Ltd.)
(1)New lead-free and cadmium-free brass material
<Lead component: 0.01 or less>
<Cadmium: 0.001 or less>
(2)BZ adds bismuth in place of lead
<Bismuth (Bi)> (a) Metal with atomic number 83
(b) Mainly produced mixed with lead
(c) Has been added to steel since ancient times
(d) Has been recognized as a digestive medicine ingredient in the U.S., and presents no issues with regard to safety