MC nylon material properties

Item Test method
Unit MC901
Specific gravity D792 - 1.16
Tensile strength D638 MPa 96
{kf/cm2 {980}
Elongation D638 30
Tensile modulus of elasticity D638 MPa 3,432
{103kf/cm2 {35}
Compression strength 5% deformation D695 MPa 95
{kf/cm2 {970}
Compression modulus of elasticity D695 MPa 3,530
{103kf/cm2 {36}
Bending strength D790 MPa 110
{kf/cm2 {1,120}
Bending modulus of elasticity D790 MPa 3,530
{103kf/cm2 {36}
Continuous use temperature - 120
Izod impact strength
With notch
D256 J/m 50
{kf・cm/2.54cm} {13}
Rockwell hardness D785 R scale 120
Deflection temperature under load 1.820MPa
D648 200
D648 215
Linear expansion coefficient D696 ×10-5/℃ 9.0
Water absorption rate (23℃,24 hrs. in water) D570 0.8
(23℃,In-water saturation value) 6.0
Electrical characteristics Volume resistivity D257 Ω・m 4.2×1013
{Ω・cm} {4.2×1015
Dielectric breakdown voltage D149 kV/mm 20
Flammability UL94 - (HB)

Note: The numerical values above are typical values under completely dry conditions.
These values are not guaranteed and are for use as reference values.