Polycarbonate material properties

Item Test method ASTM Unit Polycarbonate
Specific gravity D792 - 1.2
Water absorption rate D570 0.23
Thermal deformation temperature(1.82MPa) D648 135
Thermal expansion coefficient D696 10-5cm/cm・℃ -
Thermal conductivity C177 - -
Flammability UL94 - V-2
Tensile strength D638 MPa 62
Elongation D638 140
Tensile modulus of elasticity D638 - -
Bending strength D790 MPa 90
Bending modulus of elasticity D790 MPa 2260
Impact strength(With notch) D256 J/m 830
Impact strength(Without notch) D256 J/m -
Rockwell hardness D785 M scale 123
Volume resistivity D257 Ω・cm/Ω 2.1×1016
Dielectric breakdown voltage D149 kV/mm 20
Permittivity(1KHz) D150 - -
Permittivity(1MHz) D150 - 2.9
Dissipation factor(1KHz) D150 - -
Dissipation factor(1MHz) D150 - 0.009
Arc resistance D495 secs. 110

The numeric values above are typical values. They are not standard values.

Polycarbonate chemical resistance
Chemical name Change in appearance Chemical resistance
Hydrochloric acid 10% None
Sulfuric acid 10% None
Nitric acid 10% None
Nitric acid 20% None
Acetic acid 70% None
Caustic soda 15% None
Methanol Crack ×
Ethanol Opaque ×
Ethyl ether Opaque ×
Acetone Opaque ×
Carbon tetrachloride Opaque ×
Benzene Adhesion ×
Kerosene None
Heavy oil None
Transformer oil None
Silicone oil None
Soybean oil None
Formalin None
Freon gas None
Propane gas None
City gas None
Saltwater solution 15% None

Measured after 1 week at 20℃ (gas at 1 atm).