PCT material properties

PCT Characteristics
Item Test method Unit CG933
Mechanical properties Tensile strength ASTM D638 MPa 120
Tensile elongation ASTM D638 2
Bending modulus of elasticity ASTM D790 MPa 9600
Bending strength ASTM D790 MPa 180
Izod impact strength 23℃ ASTM D256 J/m 90
Impact strength without notch 23℃ ASTM D4812 J/m 690
Thermal properties Deflection temperature under load 0.45MPa ASTM D648 276
Deflection temperature under load 1.82MPa ASTM D648 255
Other Specific gravity ASTM D792 - 1.63
Mold shrinkage rate Parallel 2 mm ISO294-4 0.3
Mold shrinkage rate Standard 2 mm ISO294-4 0.8
Electrical properties Dielectric breakdown strength
(Short interval method)500V/secs. 3.2 mm
ASTM D149 kv/mm 20.4
Tracking resistance 3mm IEC V 440
Flammability standard 1.5 mm UL94 - V-0
Temperature index Rated temperature Electrical characteristics 1.5mm UL746B 150
Rated temperature Mechanical external force With impact 1.5mm UL746B 150
Note: The numerical values above are typical values. They are not standard values.