PEEK(Polyether ether ketone) material properties

Victrex®: made by Victrex-MC Inc.
Grade 450G (Natural, standard melt viscosity)
Item Test method Unit 450G
Specific gravity ASTM D792 - 1.30
Tensile strength 23℃ ISO R527 MPa 97
250℃ 12
Tensile elongation Breaking,23℃ ISO R527 >60
Yield,23℃ 5
Bending modulus of elasticity 23℃ ISO R178 GPa 4.2
120℃ 4.0
250℃ 0.3
Bending strength 23℃ ISO R178 MPa 170
120℃ 100
250℃ 13
Rockwell hardness R scale ASTM D785 - 126
M scale 99
Izod impact strength With notch ISO 180 KJm-2 6.4
Without notch *
Melting point(Heat absorption peak) DSC 340
Glass transition temperature DSC 143
Thermal deformation temperature ISO R75 152
Thermal conductivity ASTM C177 Wm-1-1 0.25
Continuous usable temperature UL746B 260
Withstand voltage(50μm film) IEC243 KVcm-1 190
Tracking resistance index(23℃) IEC112 V 150
Dissipation factor(23℃,1MHz) IEC112 - 0.003
Permittivity 50Hz,0-150℃ IEC250 - 3.2
50Hz,200℃ 4.5
Volume resistivity IEC93 1016Ωcm 4.9

* Does not break

Note: The numeric values above are typical values. They are not standard values.

Chemical resistance
Chemical 23℃ 100℃
Concentrated acetic acid A A
Citric acid A A
Sulfuric acid<40% concentration B B
Sulfuric acid>40% concentration C C
Sulfurous acid A A
Ethanol A A
Acetone A A
Methyl ethyl ketone A B
Ammonia A -
Calcium hydroxide A -
Dimethyl phthalate A -
Chemical 23℃ 100℃
Carbon tetrachloride A A
Trichloroethylene A A
Xylene A -
Aluminum chloride A A
Ammonium nitrate A A
Calcium carbonate A -
Calcium chloride A A
Ferric chloride B B
Magnesium chloride A A
Potassium chloride A A
Sodium chloride A A

A: Use permitted, B: Use permitted under certain conditions, C: Use not permitted.
Note: For actual use, always conduct testing since differences occur due to usage conditions.

Vestakeep®: made by Daicel-Evonik Ltd.
  Standards Unit Numeric value
Specific gravity 23℃ ISO 1183 - 1.30
Tensile yield strength 23℃
ISO 527 MPa 100
Tensile yield elongation 6
Tensile breaking strength MPa 80
Tensile breaking elongation 40
Tensile modulus of elasticity MPa 3,600
Bending strength 23℃
ISO 178 MPa 140
Bending modulus of elasticity MPa 3,300
Charpy impact strength with
23℃ ISO 179/1eA KJ/m2 9
-30℃ 8
MFR 380℃,5kg - cm3/10 mins. 18

Note: The details listed here are typical values relating to material characteristics. They are not standard values.
Values may be revised based on new information.