PFA material properties

Item Unit Test method ASTM PFA
Physical properties Specific gravity - D792 2.15
Glass fiber content rate - -
Mechanical properties Tensile strength MPa D638 28
Tensile elongation D638 380
Bending modulus of elasticity GPa D790 0.48
Izod impact strength(With notch) J/m D256 Does not break
Rockwell hardness R, M scales D785 -
Thermal properties Continuous use temperature (mech. with imp.) UL746B 260
Flammability - UL94 V-0
Electrical properties Volume resistivity Ω・m D257 -
Dielectric breakdown strength MV/m D149 20kv/mm
Arc resistance secs. D495 >300
Dissipation factor(106Hz) - D150 0.0003

Note: The numeric values above are typical values. They are not standard values.

PFA chemical resistance table
Chemical PFA
Hydrochloric acid 10%
Sulfuric acid 10%
Sulfuric acid 50%
Nitric acid 10%
Nitric acid 50%
Hydrofluoric acid 10%
Hydrofluoric acid 50%
Phosphoric acid 10%
Formic acid
Acetic acid 10%
Citric acid
Chromic acid
Boric acid
Chemical PFA
Sodium hydroxide 10%
Potassium hydroxide 10%
Calcium hydroxide
Hydrogen sulfide(gas)
Sulfur dioxide
Ammonium nitrate
Sodium nitrate
Calcium carbonate
Calcium chloride
Magnesium chloride
Magnesium sulfate
Zinc sulfate
Hydrogen peroxide

△:Usable depending on conditions