Thermoplastic polyester elastomer material properties

Pelprene: made by Toyobo Co., Ltd.
Pelprene performance
Item Unit P50DFR
Specific gravity - 1.36
Bending modulus of elasticity GPa 0.17
Tensile strength MPa 19.6
Elongation 600
Izod impact strength J/M NB
Modulus of repulsion elasticity 65
Crystal melting point 215
Vicat softening temperature 170
Thermal conductivity W(m・k) 0.22
Thermal deformation temperature 70
Flame retardance - UL94V-0
Dielectric breakdown strength MV/m 15
Specific volume resistance Ω・cm 6×1013

Note: The data above gives typical values. These values are not guaranteed.

Note: After flame retardant contained in the Pelprene resin (soft material) being deposited, the surface of casting appears cloudy.This has no effect on that efficiency.

Usable temperature ranges of various elastomers
Usable temperature ranges of various elastomers