Phenol resin material properties

  Characteristics Test method Unit Performance value
Physico-chemical performance Specific gravity JIS K 6911 - 1.35
Mold shrinkage rate -
Water absorption rate ≤1.20
Appearance after heating ℃・2hrs. 160
Deflection temperature under load -
Flame resistance UL94 - -
Ammonia amount JIS K 7230 -
Acetone resistance JIS K 6911 - Satisfactory
Mechanical performance Bending strength JIS K 6911 Mpa 98-127(Perpendicular to layer)
kf/mm2 10-13(Perpendicular to layer)
Bending modulus of elasticity Mpa -
kf/mm2 -
Izod impact strength kj/m2 3.9-5.9(Parallel to layer)
k・cm/cm2 4-6(Parallel to layer)
Tensile strength Mpa -
kf/mm2 -
Compression strength Mpa -
kf/mm2 -
Rockwell hardness (HR・M) -
Electrical performance Withstand voltage JIS K 6911 MV/m ≥10(flatwise)
Insulation resistance(Normal state) Ω 109-1010
Insulation resistance(After boiling) Ω 107-108
Arc resistance secs. -
Tracking resistance IEC112 CTI(V) -
Note: The numeric values above are typical values. They are not standard values.