Bit insert

Use method : Press-fit, heat press-fit
Suitable resin : Thermoplastic
Material : Brass
Bit inserts HSB, HSB-Z and HFB are basic press-fi t type insert nuts.
Easy to use in any location with a good balance of retention force and cost-eff ectiveness.
3 types are available, and easy to use in any location as post-molding insert.
3 types of bit inserts
Standard (uni-directional type) Standard (bi-directional type) Flange type
●Basic shape
●Lowest cost
●Directionality in product when press-fi tting
●Chamfered on both sides
●No directionality in product when press-fi tting
●Excellent workability
●Applicable to any usage conditions
●Directionality in product when press-fi tting
Use method
Set insert into hole in opposite material Press-fi t/Heat press-fit Work completed
Precautions when press-fitting
Increase outer diameter to prevent cracking since force is applied from top of opposite material boss when insert press-fi tting.
If outer diameter cannot be increased, cracking can be avoided with heat press-fi tting. Choose punch and plate to prevent damage to insert and tap top of punch with hammer to insert.
Precautions when heat press-fitting
Apply soldering iron, etc. to inside of insert and insert while melting resin.
Precautions during use
When fastening soft objects such as packing material. When hole diameter of fastened object is larger than outer diameter of insert. When pilot hole in opposite material is too large.
Insert may not hold in the above cases. Consider using a flange type if suitable fastening strength cannot be achieved.
Knurled part shapes
Width and number of bands of knurled part changes according to full length (L value) of product.
Torque and tensile strength (reference values)
  Torque(N・m)   Tensile strength(N)
Opposite resin M3
1.8 2.5 4.2 ABS 559 765 1,177
1.9 3.0 5.0 Noryl 618 981 1,471
2.0 3.0 5.2 Polycarbonate 883 1,177 1,520
Note: The numerical values above give typical values. These values are not guaranteed.
There are a variety of factors regarding the insert location that may require consideration, so it is essential to conduct tests before making a selection.
Product Detail Bit insert ( HSB / HSB-Z / HFB )