Dodge insert

Use method : Extension system
Suitable resin : Thermosetting, thermoplastic resin
Material : Brass
Dodge inserts HSD and HFD are expansion system press-fi t type insert nuts for use after molding. These inserts have a knurled tip with cross slots and a compressed shape with an expansion plate on the inside.
The knurled tip is press-fi tted into a resin hole in the opposite material, and the knurled parts of the tip are spread outward by pressing the expansion plate downward with a punch so that the knurled parts press strongly into the resin. Consequently, these inserts can be used even if the boss thickness is relatively thin.
They can be used in a wide variety of applications in any material due to their use of this expansion system.
Steps for use
Set insert into hole in opposite material Press-fi t Insert punch Press expansion plate downward to complete
  Figure of punch for pressing expansion plates

For details refer to theⅠ+0.2 dimension in the tables.
Inserting punch Completed insertion with tip spread open by expansion plate
Precautions during use
Insert will not hold when fastening soft objects such as packing material. Insert will not hold if hole diameter of fastened object is larger than outer diameter of insert. If pilot hole is deeper than insert, consider adding a step inside the pilot hole or using a fl ange type.
Note: If suitable fastening strength cannot be achieved in these cases, it may still be possible to use inserts if contact surface on opposite materials is enlarged by using an insert with a larger circumference such as a fl ange type.
Torque and tensile strength(Reference values)
  Torque(N・m)   Tensile strength(N)
Opposite resin M3
1.5 2.5 3.9 ABS 686 882 1,176
1.7 2.8 4.3 Noryl 784 931 1,274
1.7 2.9 4.4 Polycarbonate 804 951 1,323
Note: The numerical values above give typical values. These values are not guaranteed.
There are a variety of conditions regarding the insert location that may require consideration, so it is essential to conduct tests before making a selection.
Prudoct Detail Dodge insert (HSD / HFD