KSSpacer(thin plate flat head screw-in mounting)

Generally, crimping is used as the method for mounting spacers onto thin plates.
KSU spacers are mounted onto thin plates using fl at head screws.
Crimping method   Flat head screw mounting method
  • ●Crimping requires high accuracy in plate holes and crimping pressure.
  • ●Working is required to make the surface fl at after crimping.
  • ●Conventional crimping uses round types but KS spacers are hexagonal.
  • ●Male and female types are also standardized.

D = Chamfer reference value

t D
1.0 6.7-7
1.2 6.7-7.1

KSB-306AE mounting diagram
Product Detail(KSB-300AEKSB-300ANEKSB-300BEKSB-300BNE