LED mounting spacers(Vertical/Horizontal dual use type)

LED mounting spacer made from thermoplastic polyester elastomer
 Pelprene made by Toyobo Co., Ltd. 
Pelprene characteristics
  • ・Has the same characteristics as engineering plastics. Off ers excellent heat resistance and has widest usable temperature range among thermoplastic elastomers. Also boasts superior oil resistance.
  • ・Has the same characteristics as rubber with superior soundproofi ng, good low-temperature fl exibility and best modulus of repulsion elasticity among thermoplastic elastomers.
Pelprene performance
Item Unit P50DFR
Specific gravity - 1.36
Bending modulus of elasticity Gpa 0.17
Tensile strength Mpa 19.6
Elongation % 600
Izod impact strength J/M NB
Modulus of repulsion elasticity % 65
Crystal melting point 215
Vicat softening temperature 170
Thermal conductivity W (m・K) 0.22
Thermal deformation temperature 70
Flame retardance - UL94V-0
Dielectric breakdown strength MV/m 15
Specific volume resistance Ω・cm 6×1013
Note: The data above gives typical values. These values are not guaranteed.
Usable temperature ranges of various elastomers
Product Detail(LED mounting Spacer(LDZ-800P))