Spacer for thin plate screw-in mounting

PSB spacers have a specialized shape in the male thread for cutting a thread in a plate for direct mounting with a thin plate.

Conventional design for mounting a spacer on a thin plate

(1)when intending to use this face
(2)for reducing the number of components
(3)for reducing the amount of assembly work

Fasten spacer
directly to thin plate

→ → → → →

Screw-in mounting
New design

Spacer contact is unreliable with large burrs.   Thread ridge is removed due to chamfering.
Fastening torque becomes weaker.
Chamfering accuracy is required (high cost).

Fastening torque of PSB spacer
(reference values)

Opposite plate for fastening: Material: SPC (iron)
Unit: kg/cm2
Board thickness Product code Breaking torque Torque used
1.2 PSB-2600E 3.0 2.5
2 PSB-300E 7.5 5

Precautions during use:

  1. Do not make diameter of pilot hole in plate too large
  2. Do not let burrs become too large
  3. Apply thread-locking fl uid to loose threads

We can provide samples for different thicknesses and materials, so please use after testing.
(We also accept special orders.)

Product Detail(PSB-000E)