Sub-board2For stacking(Brass spacer)

MechanicalBoardSpacer Electrical function Ultra-compact spacer with electrical and mechanical functions. To allow for solder bath assembly and socket insertion, spacer is gold (silver) plated and fi tted with fl uororesin for noise prevention and touch-up prevention during board checks.
Noise prevention Removable Socket insertion
  1. 1 2-tier stacking of sub-boards (spare boards) etc.
  2. 2 Detaching of test sub-boards
  3. 3 Combined use as board spacer (mechanical) and connection cable (electrical)
  4. 4 TRT-E for spacers with noise prevention (for high-grade amps)
  5. 5 TRT-E for prevention of touching during 2-tier stacking board checks
Product Detail(TRT-0000、TR-0000