Terminals( Pins for test probes) / HYT

Manufacturing method changed from blow-molding (blown items) to stamp molding (pressed items).
・Softening point improved greatly to 670°C for pressed items.
・Dimensional accuracy also improved (due to stamp molds).
・Products are RoHS compliant.

【Spring】 Material:Phosphor bronze (C5191W)
  Treatment:Gold plating(Nickel substrate)
【Beads】 Material:Glass Heat resistance temperature670℃
  Color:10 types
【PC board hole diameter】 Φ0.8
  RoHS compliant product
  Use example
Drawing Board hole φ0.8
Color Product code Unit Price($)
White HYT-2054W   0.09
Black HYT-2054B   0.09
Blue HYT-2054BU 0.09
Brown HYT-2054BR 0.09
Purple HYT-2054P   0.09
Green HYT-2054G  0.09
Lime HYT-2054L  0.09
Peach HYT-2054PK 0.09
Yellow HYT-2054Y  0.09
Mocha HYT-2054M  0.09
・Can be mounted in series at a 2.54 mm pitch.
・Easy to conduct testing since beads are tall even in spots where components are packed tightly.
・Choose from 10 colors of beads.
・PC board mounting hole diameter: φ0.8, φ1.0