Resin washers material explanation and code setting

New Material explanation
Product name Kapton washer Low-creep washer
Material name Kapton® Valqualon® PTFE
Material manufacturing Du Pont-Toray Co., Ltd. Nippon Valqua Industries, Ltd.
Characteristics Ultra heat resistance,
ultra cold resistance
(electrical characteristics,
chemical resistance)
‒269°C to +400°C
Dielectric breakdown
voltage: 400 kV/mm
Chemical resistance with
( Improvement sheet
material for PTFE
weaknesses (creep)
‒200°C to +200°C
Water UK health and
safety certifi cation
Material explanation Material documentation 28 Material documentation 29
 Flat washer
CC Duracon washer (Polyacetal) 524
CC-B Black Duracon washer 484
TT PTFE washer (thin type) 10
PTFE washer 524
NN Nylon washer (6Nylon) 229
NN-B Black nylon washer (6Nylon) 188
NN-M Nylon washer (66Nylon) 104
PCW Polycarbonate washer 78
PSW PPS washer 7
LL Polyslider washer 96
LLC Polyslider cut washer 37
PEW PEEK washer 54
RYW Reny washer 8
RYW-B Reny washer (black) 5
RR Ceramic washer 27
PVW PVDF washer 7
VCW Polyvinyl chloride washer 7
PPW Polypropylene washer 4
XX Phenol resin washer (phenol resin) 15
GG Glass epoxy washer 8
VV Low-creep washer (PTFE) 8
EE-R Red fiber washer 16
EE-W White fiber washer 11
QQ Silicone washer (silicone rubber) 10
KK Kapton washer (polyimide film Kapton) 9
LUW Lumirror washer 54

Product code setting