Stacking terminal

Using for when stacking a sub-board on the main board.
 Fixed type This types are soldered both end terminal.  Release type Combination of terminals that allow easy attachment and release of sub-boards.
2.00mmPitch(1 row) Product code 2.00mmPitch(1 row) Product code
MTS-2002-00 MTS-2002-00 HTS-20058-00 HTS-20058-00
MTS-2000-00 MTS-2000-00 HTS-2015-00 HTS-2015-00
2.00mmPitch(2Rows) Product code 2.00mmPitch(2Rows) Product code
MTW-2002-00 MTW-2002-00 HTW-20058-00 HTW-20058-00
MTW-2000-00 MTW-2000-00 HTW-2010-00,HTW-2015-00 HTW-2010-00
2.54mmPitch(1 row) Product code 2.54mmPitch(1 row) Product code
MTS-2502-00 MTS-2502-00 HTS-2511-00 HTS-2511-00
MTS-2500-00 MTS-2500-00    
2.54mmPitch(2Rows) Product code 2.54mmPitch(2Rows) Product code
MTW-2502-00 MTW-2502-00 HTW-2511-00 HTW-2511-00
MTW-2500-00 MTW-2500-00 HTW-2515-00 HTW-2515-00